Wrapping up work on Galactic Games : Planetary Slolem

Wrapping up a month of dev on my attempt at an immersive little game with a story.
It’s been really fun trying to squeeze a whole bunch of world into the ‘shoebox’ of the camera’s HoloPlay capture’s frustum.

I’m looking forward to seeing this as part of the Library (if it passes the sniff test!) :slight_smile:


Very impressive, your own engine done in OpenGL ?

I was about to say “I think we have the same Stitch thing” but at a better look no, I have the bigger plush I managed to get once in a Milan Disney store :slight_smile:

ha! no sir, just Unity. Most of my time scripting and putzing on 1000 iterations of scene placement and cramming everything into the tiny frustrum of the camera. Congrats on the plushy. :slight_smile: