What Tools Do People Want or Need?


Hey Gang. I just thought I would start a simple thread where folks can simply list the toolsets they would like to see supported for Looking Glass development. This is NOT an “official” LGF thread.

I know Alex and Co have been talking to folks about what their needs are, but thought this could potentially hit a broader audience and allow for a broader sampling of the communities needs. This is especially important and could maybe help prioritization for the limited LGF resources for development. Entries with simple lists and minimal comments might work best?

Chris’ Wishlist

  1. Unreal support (In the works)
  2. Maya support (Semi-shelved)
  3. Full media player capable of playing 4k or greater quilt movies at 60fps and higher. (In the works?)
  4. AfterEffects and Nuke plug-ins for assembling quilts.

Unreal support.

Very excited to start working with these displays but I can’t do much without and Unreal plugin.


It’s coming! There may be an announcement sooner rather than later, stay tuned :slightly_smiling_face:


Great news, can’t wait! Thanks for all the hard work.


Support for Cinema 4D would be great! Not sure how many people use it here but good 3D application. I’ve been using it for 20 years.

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