What are the white L-shaped holes in the back?


See subject, do these have a specific purpose?

And what about the threaded hole in the front edge at the bottom? It seems too weak to use to connect an LG to a tripod. Is it used for the factory calibration to get the device in the correct spot?

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Hmmm, looking at the assembly time-lapse on the website I don’t see anything specific behind the holes. So I guess they don’t have a function.


They have already hinted that the rear slots are for mounting future accessories. I’d love to get a stand-alone video/stills player so my LG is a piece of art when I’m not using it. I haven’t noticed the threaded hole, I’ll check mine sometime.


Hi all!

Well, since you asked :slight_smile: The rear slots are intended for a future “backpack” accessory that would give the Looking Glass some standalone functionality, specifically for looping pre-recorded lightfield photo and video (aka “quilt”) scenes. We made a few prototype backpacks a while back and may release as a small experimental beta to interested folks in the community soon.

Here’s a little secret (well, not anymore!) preview of the backpack. We’re still working out some kinks, but write me at smf@lookingglassfactory.com if you’re interested!


Thanks for the info! So that also answers my question why the black block with the connectors is shaped the way it is :slight_smile:


Yes!!! I can’t wait!




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I still don’t get what the hole at the bottom is for. Any info?
Thanks for the info on the holes at the back!


The hole on the bottom is a standard camera/tripod 1/4-20 mount.