VMware Windows 8 screen resolution issue

Working on an iMacPro running OS 10.13.6 my LookingGlass works great and the Mac sees it as 2560x1600. In VMWare running Win8Pro when I start the Library it works but the closes resolution choice I have is 2560x1920. This makes the bottom of the window unviewable or off the screen. And any file I launch to view on the device immediately crashes the virtual machine even if the correct resolution is selectable at the launch of the file.

Our experience with VMWare Workstation 15 (Win 10 Guest on Win 10 Host with Nvidia 1050) was similarly unsuccessful. Also Parallels to run Win 10 on 2018 MacMini failed. Both probably due to graphics emulation. However Bootcamp on a 2018 macmini did run the LKG win 10 examples.