Virus found in your ThreeJsDriver?


out of the blue WIN10 Windows Defender pops us and tells me it find a Trojan : Win32/Zpevdo.B in your driver LKG_ThreeJsDriver_Win.exe

Just letting you know “mayb have a check”, I don’t know why when it scan when it downloaded did not say anything about it but said something now out of the blue during a background scan.

Could be a false positive/I don’t know but worth a check maybe.


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This is very bizarre, we’ve gotten another report of it. We’re looking into it now, thanks for letting us know!

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just saying once I got ‘something similar my own’ because I used a sort of ‘semi deprecated function’ to get info about “what’s the name of the .exe/module that launched a certain thing”.

Actually I think i was using this sort of function : QueryFullProcessImageNameA()

But that’s all I know.


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For use going forward, and will work to download the drivers!


just a minor suggestion, you should .zip it,some browsers could refuse to download a .exe

( and some ‘too clever ones’ will also find it’s a zip that contains a .exe and may complain ).


Hi all,
I believe that the virus scanner was triggered by the NSIS installer framework, which was used to build the driver installer package.
If the driver installer triggered your virus scanner, the new version has been built in Inno Setup. Please download the updated version from
There’s also a new Mac version on that page that should fix some of the installation problems people have been having.