Vimeo capture and testing before submitting?

I have no clue how to test a holo-caputre on the looking glass before submitting to vimeos holo channel. Is there a way to playback video on the looking glass without using vimeo?

Unfortunately, there currently isn’t a tool to easily watch video. This is a real gap in our toolkit, so we’re doing everything we can to release one before the holidays. Stay tuned!

I have written a GLSL shader hook for mpv. The constants will require adjustment for your particular device, though; I haven’t yet built a neat script to adjust them.

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Dang! Was wondering how long it would take someone to reverse the eeprom code.
Also this is extremely awesome.

lonetech, I love it! Great work!

This weekend I reverse engineering the optics and wrote pixel shader code to make my own images without an SDK, and manually figured out the x and y pitch values for my particular display. Only after I was done did I find this forum, and now looking at your shader, I think we did about the same thing!

I had some false starts thinking it would be integral. Only after realizing it was an analog process that probably varied for each device manufactured, I quickly made progress. Here is my “test pattern”, a stack of discs:

It seems like your mpv code could be used on a Raspberry Pi to drive the display using MP4 videos and still image quilts. I love the idea of using the LG for looping ambient lightfield display.