Updating Lightfield PhotoApp


I just updated to the new version of the Library - 0.5.1
When I downloaded and went back into the LightField Photo App all my PhotoSets and Quilts weren’t retained. Just checking if this was intended? I still have backups but will have to bring them back in again.


Hey @stu! That’s actually unintended and we’re marking this as a bug right now – thanks for making us aware of this. We’ll track this and hopefully this will get fixed in the next update :slight_smile:

Hi, wanted to check Lightfield App and got strange behaviour - always got PC screen on LKG, while the rest of the library apps worked correct. Anyone with similar issue ? Thanks.

That’s certainly a bug, @Stanislav. I’ve seen this before on a computer that struggled to read calibration, but never on one that didn’t. Basically, this comes from the app misreading what display is the main display that it should be targeting.

How many monitors do you have in your setup? Have you tried restarting the computer or plugging the USB cable from the Looking Glass into a different port?