Up and down head tracking is backwards

Let’s say I’m looking at a cube. Moving my head up will cause me to see less of the top of the cube, instead of being able to see more of it like I would expect. Is there any way to reverse this behavior with software, or is my hardware defective in some way?


The Looking Glass does not have head tracking. Instead, it projects many simultaneous views and you see the views that point toward your eyes. (Compare, for example, the zSpace, which does track your head - but only works for one user at a time.)

On the Looking Glass, the views are arranged only horizontally - there is a sweep of different angles left-to-right. You can think of it as a grid of views, 45 wide but only 1 tall.

As such, when you move your head vertically, you can’t see any more or less of the top of the cube. Indeed, it will look like the parallax is “reversed”, as if when moving your head up you’ll see less of the top of the cube. But this is actually a powerful visual illusion: the horizontal views give the impression that the object exists in “real” space - so your brain thinks it’s really 3d and you should see more of the top of the cube. But due to the design/limitations of the hardware, you don’t; so, when the brain tries to compensate, it feels like you are seeing less, causing the reverse parallax illusion.


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