Unreal Engine anyone?


Does anyone have tips for using Unreal Engine for development for the Looking Glass? We have a pipeline in place that is geared towards Unreal, and would prefer to go that route, rather than having to switch to Unity for development.


Hi Jeff, this is something we’re exploring for next year, but we don’t yet have it woven into our timeline. There are many tools we’d like to support including Unreal and we’ll be trying to work through as many as we can! Stay tuned for updates on this.

In case it’s relevant, we will also be making publicly available in January a three.js library that enables web development if that is more familiar to you than Unity.


I second the need for Unreal support! As it is the “other big engine”, I think this should be a must/high priority. Coming from an Unreal background as a non-coder, I am finding Unity to be a pretty horrible user experience. I’ll take blueprints any day to this nonsense. :wink:


I wonder if anyone from LGF can clue us in to perhaps hacking a way into Unreal. Is there a way to multiplex a bunch of camera views into one screen of the proper size? I’m thinking a render-to-texture or render-to-view might do it.


You’re not far off there @jeffBrown. We’ll be releasing an OpenGL pipeline with documentation on a generic implementation shortly as a closed beta. If you’d like to be included in that, email me at alex.duncan@lookingglassfactory.com!