Unity3D script to test for presence of LG display

Is there Unity3D C# script that can tell me if a LookingGlass display is present? I have a mix of VR and LG users who may plug in one or the other devices. I’d like my code to recognize and adjust accordingly. Any ideas much appreciated.

Hi @tskillman,

I don’t know the LookingGlass Unity SDK, but with the new HoloPlay Core there is function called “hpc_GetNumDevices()” to get the number of LookingGlass devices. Maybe you can use the HoloPlay Core?

Hi @tskillman, @reg.cs is correct that you can do this via HoloPlay Core. In v1.3.1 of the Unity plugin, you can see it make that function call in PluginCore.cs, on line 136. In your own script you can make the same function call - our Unity plugin includes HoloPlay Core.

Because of Unity Build problems with V1.3.1, I have reverted all my applications to V1.2.1.