Unity SDK and split stereoscopic effect?

i am working with the Unity SDK and i do get the example in the looking.glass, but somehow the image is doubled.

at the right side of the looking.glass the image points right
and at the left side of the looking-glass the image points to the left

giving a weird effect in the middle

see https://youtu.be/c2VRio5YUyQ

anyone has had similar issues`?
any suggestions how to resolve?

UPDATE: this effect only shows up when i do the “toggle preview”, the windows exe seems to work fine.

any help is welcome :slight_smile:

That’s not how it should look. It looks like your display has bad calibration data, or maybe the calibration data is not being read correctly. Do the demos work correctly?

the demos in the library work perfectly, its just with the Unity SDK

It’s good the demos work correctly; seems like a bug in the Unity SDK. I don’t know the solution; hopefully LG engineering will. One idea - how old is your copy of the SDK? Have you tried updating to latest version?

I have the exacte same Issue, recently reported in my Topic Flickering Issues with HoloPlay-SDK