Unity Post Processing on Looking Glass


Hey there… wondering if it is possible to use Unity’s Post Processing framework with the Looking Glass.

I put a Post Process Volume and Post Process Layer on the HoloPlay Capture prefab, tried cranking up some bloom and chromatic aberration so that it would be obvious if it was having an effect and it doesn’t appear to.

I’d especially love to use the motion blur, but even some color grading could help achieve a nice look!



Add the post process component into the disabled camera parenting to HoloPlay Capture.


Yes, Sunny is correct, the post effect should be on the child camera.

Unfortunately, however, motion blur doesn’t work. This is because Unity thinks the camera is moving when we do our multiple render, so everything is blurred all the time. We’re working on ways to fix this, but don’t have a solution yet. That’s the only post effect that doesn’t work on our camera though!


Ok so just got around to trying this and I’m finding that whenever a Post Process Layer is enabled on the Camera under the HoloPlay Capture transform, everything becomes tiny. It doesn’t appear to correspond at all to the volume gizmo in the scene view. The little camera preview window in the Scene View still frames what I should be seeing in the Looking Glass.

Are there any extra steps that I need to take? I’m using the latest Post Processing package from Unity’s built-in package manager (2.0.17) and the project is in Linear color space, but that seems unlikely to have any impact on this.


Oh I see! You’re using v2 of the post-processing stack.

We’ve yet to do many tests with that as it’s listed on their documentation as being under development. Perhaps that documentation is out of date though, I don’t know why they’d include it in their package manager otherwise.

I’m going to do a little bit of testing with this today, I’ll let you know if I can get a fix for you.