Unity build doesn't work


Hi guys,

just received my looking glass and it’s really nice. I just created my first Unity test app. It runs in Editor Mode (Unity 2018.3.7) and with the SDK 1.0

As soon as I create a build I only see a black screen. I don’t know if I missed something in the build settings? Can someone please help me?

Looking forward to your replys and my best regards



Hi Alex! I’d be happy to help. I need a bit more information first though. Are you on OSX or Windows? That shouldn’t make too much of a difference but it’s always good to check!

My first hunch is that this is an issue with the build settings. Are you making a 64-bit build? And can you build a project without the HoloPlay API, and does it work properly? This could also be a Unity issue!


Hi Alxdncn,

I downgraded to Unity 2018.2.4 and now it works. Sometimes a step back is a step forward

Thanks for taking care of my question, I love my looking glass. Now an even higher resolution and thinner design and here we go