Unity - Build app for Mac or Windows - Any tips?


Hi! Third day using LG and having a great time.

I’m pretty familiar with Unity but my first attempt at building a Mac app did not work. Is there a setting I should know to make it work, or about how to make it come up with that nice Screen 1, screen 2 dialogue that I see on the (Windows) library app?

Is there a version of Unity that is recommended at this point? Any links to more details on developing with Unity? (I read your getting started tutorials on the Unity SDK. It’s working well in the editor)



Can you elaborate on “did not work”? What do you see?

I couldn’t get it to run with two separate screens.
If I target display2, (in the unity camera settings) open the dialog on display 2, or display 1, I’ll get garbled output (black and flashing white lines… multi display has always been a bit hit and miss in unity)

Running a mirrored display is the only way I can make it work.

RE: Unity dialog, it’s the same presentation settings, but if you hold… command I think when the app boots you should get the dialog

I’m using Unity 2018.2

I can’t actually get the in-editor output to work :slight_smile:


Thanks for confirming - we both need a tip to get builds working.

For the Editor - I started out on a Mac laptop, reasonable Radeon graphics card, adapting a 2018.1 Unity sketch for LG . To get it working on the LG display, I had to toggle preview in the LG capture component in Hierarchy, then drag the game window up to the top of the LG display (it is set in preferences as a second monitor). It’s tricky because the top window bar is small in the display. It needs to be in just the right spot horizontally to be clear with no doubling. Good luck!

So I can work with LG in the editor but cannot get it to build to an app that plays on the Mac.

On Windows laptop (1060 card) I could not bring over the Mac Unity project and get it to work with LG. But I could get the LG Library App to work well with no fiddling.

I will try starting a new project in Windows and see how it goes. Will also try the Mac Library app and see.


Hello, for builds on Mac you need to drag the resolution dialog box onto your Looking Glass display and then press play. We try to force the app to the correct resolution, so hopefully that won’t be a problem for you!

As for using 2 displays for apps, unfortunately (and strangely, in my opinion) Unity doesn’t support this on OS X. We’ve done a workaround for this on our App Library, but that was a pretty unique solution.

I hope this answers your questions, let me know if you need additional support!


Thanks, Alex! That helps a lot. It works surprisingly well on the Macbook Pro with Radeon (2016) that I am working with. Knowing some of the quirks is a big help. I’m sure I will have more questions!