UE Doesn't Recognize Looking Glass

I have been going through the Unreal Engine setup for Looking Glass and have got the Holoplay Play button to appear, but the project shows up in my main display instead of the Looking Glass. Everything else (Library, OBJ Importer) works just fine in LG. It seems to only be Unreal Engine. Is this a known issue?

Hi there! This isn’t a known issue, but I’d certainly like to investigate. I’m guessing, given that you’ve gone through the setup process, that you have HoloPlay Service installed and running, but can you please confirm that for me? You can check that here.

It seems like Unreal can’t find your display for some reason. HoloPlay Service should help it handle that, but some of our older software doesn’t use HoloPlay Service (an updated version of the Model Importer that does just went out recently).

Thanks for the response. I did a reinstall of holoplay and was able to get the UE project to show up in my Looking Glass. There are a ton of other issues but they are all on the UE side.

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Glad that got resolved, please let me know if you hit any more snags!

Thanks for your earlier help. My issue now is that there is supposed to be a camera folder under the Holoplay actor in UE that will give me more control over the scene than is available in the GUI, but I think I’ll wait until my new Omen Obelisk arrives to make a clean start on UE, because I think there’s something screwy in the configuration.