Toy Volume caster window problem

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I followed the steps mentioned here But, upon opening the demo scene - demo_hypercube, the caster window would not show up on the toy volume. The toy volume remains blank all the time. Occassionally toggling the caster window using Ctrl + E would flash a white strip of light for fraction of a second on the volume display.

I’m running Unity.5.6.1f1 on Windows 10.

Hello, and hmmm…

I am not sure yet, but maybe we can narrow down the issue if you can answer some questions:

  • Is the Volume USB connected? I wonder if it isn’t getting the settings? Do you see in the console window something like ‘settings loaded’ when you press the play button?

  • Find the castMesh object. Take a look at it. Is it black? Or do you see the scene slices?

  • If you close the caster window, do you see something different? Like the desktop? Or is it really always black even if you close Unity? The Volume projector is really just an extra monitor, so it should show a garbled desktop when no app is running.

  • Do you have another monitor connected? If your video card doesn’t support 3 monitors, that could do it.

Thank you for those pointers @dez

I got it running… I had not connected the USB cord. I thought that was only for touch. The caster window now shows the content on my Unity editor console.