Tips & Tricks: Why isn't my Realsense working?


In it’s current state, there are a handful of gotchas that may result in your Realsense not activating or tracking properly. We run into them in the team all the time (and we assure you, we are ironing them out!). For now, here’s a quick list:

Most frequent

  • Multiple HoloPlay-based apps are open at once
    • HoloPlay apps establish an exclusive connection with the Realsense, so only one app can be using it at a time. If you already have a HoloPlay app open and try to open a second one, the Realsense won’t work in it!
  • Unity Editor with HoloPlay SDK is still open while trying to run an app
    • As soon as you try to play a HoloPlay project in Unity, if it uses Realsense, it also establishes an exclusive connection, but it does not let go once you exit play mode. It keeps that connection established until the editor itself is closed. This is a known issue, and we’re working on a fix!

Less frequent

  • Realsense is not plugged into a USB 3.0 port
    • Most newer computers and laptops only use usb 3.0 anymore, but if you’re using one with a mix of usb 2.0 and 3.0, make sure the Realsense is plugged into a 3.0
  • Screen and Realsense are both plugged into the same USB hub
    • We recommend powering the screen using the external power adapter provided, but it’s alright to plug it into your computer. Just make sure you are not trying to power both the Realsense and the screen from the same port, as the power requirements are typically too high and you might start to see issues.
  • Using a 3rd party USB cable
    • We also recommend sticking with the usb cable for the Realsense we provide with the HoloPlayer One. We’ve tested numerous brands and a portion of them just don’t work with the Realsense, so we’ve made sure to include one that has been thoroughly tested to work.

If you have any problems that don’t seem to be fixed by any of the above, please reach out to us!
Any one of us can help, just post in the forum or shoot us a message/email!

(RESOLVED!) Holoplayer Realsense camera stops finger tracking after just a few seconds

Something to add to the list of the problems that may happen when setting up your realsense camera with macOS using the the command: $ brew install librealsense.

The Holoplayer has to be connected with the Mac before running the command in terminal.

In the event librealsense was install with out the realsense connected. You would have manually remove the directory listed with the command: $ brew info librealsense

You can remove the directory using the command: $ rm -r [directory location, without brackets]

Once that is done you can run the command: $ brew install librealsense

You may run in the linking issues within brew, just follow the advised command to delete and link the files.

Hope this Helps!


Note: MacBook Pro users, Please make sure you are using the official Apple USB-C adapters for connecting the Realsense camera. Third Party adapters might not work.