Three.js Feature Requests


Please post all feature requests for the three.js closed beta here!


I’ve found it convenient to always check the width & height when deciding to use holoplay.render. This lets me seamlessly fall back on non-holoplay rendering when I’m out of fullscreen or on another monitor.

Might be nice to build a check like this into holoplay.render directly, accounting for all the lookingglass device resolutions.

// in resize handler...
width = window.innerWidth;
height = window.innerHeight;
// in animate()
if(holoplay && width === 2650 && height === 1600) {
} else {
  renderer.render( scene, camera );
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Yeah this could be implemented, the only issue is that we have different sizes of Looking Glasses and may be releasing even more sizes in the future. I also would really like to get things rendering correctly when they’re not fullscreen, which we’re very close to getting ready but is not quite there yet! This would allow for multiple smaller windows rendering on your Looking Glass.

As a side note, I’ve mapped switching between 3D and 2D view modes to the ‘’ key. This isn’t well documented - we need to put together better documentation in general - but it is there if you need it!