Three.js Bug and Issues


Please post all bugs and issues with the three.js library here!


Hi all,

I’ve been made aware of an issue with the installer package for the three.js calibration driver for Mac, but I’m having trouble replicating it.
If anyone is having trouble getting three.js working on Mac, would you mind dropping me a line in this thread? Specifically the step where the website prompts you to run an installer.
Thanks very much! Hopefully it will be fixed before anyone has a chance to report a problem.



I’m having some issues with the Mac driver, not sure if it’s the same problem you mentioned. I copied over a demo project which works perfectly on windows. It prompts to install the driver (which I have), but doesn’t seem to be able to successfully find it and indeed port 11222 doesn’t appear to be in use (netstat -vanp tcp | grep 11222 shows nothing anyway). Here’s a screenshot if it may help:

I tried this on Vivaldi, Firefox, and Safari to the same effect.



Yep, I think there is an issue with the current driver installer that copies to the system root directory instead of the user home directory.

Would you mind checking in /Library/Application Support/Looking Glass Factory/threejsdriver, and if it’s there, moving it to ~/Library/Application Support/Looking Glass Factory/threejsdriver?

Then restart and try running the app again.

This bug should be fixed in the next version!




Looks like that did the trick!

Unrelated question:

I wasn’t sure if this would go here or in feature requests, but it doesn’t appear that the LG generates keypress/keydown events from the bottom buttons, and the holoplay object doesn’t appear to have any functions or events that would indicate it handles buttons presses. Is there currently a way to detect input from the buttons that I’m missing?


Hi isk! I haven’t yet implemented that into the library as it requires a separate API. I’ll look into weaving it in next week, it shouldn’t take very long. In the meantime, you could implement it yourself using this!