The "Shrink Ray": real time capture, transmission and reproduction of 3D

I wanted to share a recent experiment I performed with an (older) Looking Glass display (using stuff I had around the house during quarantine). In this demo, I have created a few custom tools to perform real time capture, transmission and reproduction of objects and people in 3D.

The transmission of 3D data over the internet offers some limitations (hence the lack of fidelity), but I’m excited all the pieces work after just a few days effort.

complete breakdown of tools and approach are here:


That’s awesome, love that you put together such a good video demonstration! What were you streaming into on the rendering side? WebGL?

I am using OpenGL applications for some of the intermediate steps (combining, processing, calibrating, transmitting), but the final “render stage” is performed in Unity. Unity made the adoption of the Looking Glass pretty simple (after I figured out the conflicts with Windows security!)

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