Rejoice new owners of HoloPlayer One systems that just shipped out for rush Christmas shipping! You will find within your HoloPlayers a LAUNCHER that allows you to launch 8 applications that are mapped to the button keys on your HoloPlayer.

Here are some instructions on how to use each individual application (Note: these instructions may differ from the current instructions listed on our page).

:paintbrush: 1. HoloBrush

Holo-Drawing in three magnificent dimensions

Key Strokes:

[1]: Hold to draw
[2]: Hold to rotate
[3]: Switch paintbrush
[4]: Switch size of paintbrush
[HOME]: Tap to open menu

:open_hands: 2. Holo Sculpt

A holo pottery wheel that lets you save and 3D print your creations

Key Strokes:

[1]: Hold to sculpt-in
[2]: Hold to sculpt-out
[3]: Hold to rotate
[4]: Switch patterns
[HOME]: Tap to open menu

:point_right: 3. Blob Pack

A roving pack of interactive blobs for you to touch

Key Strokes:

[1]: Hold to sculpt blob
[2]: Switch color of blob
[3]: Next blob
[4]: Previous blob

:video_game: 4. 3D Asteroids

The classic arcade game reimagined in mind-bending 3D

Key Strokes:

[1]: Hold to thrust
[2]: Shoot
[3]: Shoot
[4]: Hold to thrust

:earth_americas: 5. Solar System

View and learn about different planets in our solar system

Key Strokes:

[1]: Hold to select the planet or return to solar system
[2]: Hold to rotate solar system
[3]: Hold to rotate solar system
[4]: Hold to select the planet or return to solar system

:face_with_monocle: 6. Model Viewer

A 3D model reel that can have models added to it

Key Strokes:

[1]: Next model
[2]: Previous model
[3]: Size-down model
[4]: Size-up model

:heart_decoration: 7. Heart Slice

Rotate and slice 3D MRI and CAT scans

Key Strokes:

[1]: Hold to cross-section
[2]: Hold to rotate
[3]: Hold to rotate
[4]: Hold to cross-section

:space_invader: 8. Hack the Hologram

A folder full of ten sample scenes from the Hologram Hacker Kit

Key Strokes:

Key strokes differ between the sample scenes and all keystroke instructions are included in the application.

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