Stereoscopic 3D videos on the looking glass?

Dumb question but is there a way to view stereoscopic 3D videos on the looking glass?

Hi Martin, we currently don’t support stereoscopic 3D content, but we are actively exploring ways to get stereo content into the Looking Glass. Stay tuned!

@alxdncn Could it conceivably work as a 2x1 quilt? You would have to sit right in the center of the Looking Glass, but the depth would probably be perceivable, no?

@martinisangry I’ll see if I can do a test and try it!

Alright … did a test… and the results are…

The 2x1 quilt method does technically work… but basically defeats the purpose of the Looking Glass itself by only allowing 1 practical viewer: namely me, putting my face about 12 inches away from the direct center of the unit. lol… Otherwise the effect falls apart into it’s 2 2D counterparts.

So… technically I would say yes the Looking Glass does support it (if you are willing to place your head and face in a particular location - and not move them!), but practically, I would say ‘no’ right now, and defer to @alxdncn that there is probably a more robust and user friendly way to show this type of content as it is meant to be perceived inside of a Looking Glass.

If you added a head tracker so the 2 views could be properly distributed to the multiview output, then you would not have to hold your head in the one good sweetspot.

Related note: If you close one eye, you’re not seeing a single view on the LG, you’re seeing more than one (the number changes depending on your distance from the display). Only if you get very far away are you seeing a single view. So just putting the left eye stereoscopic view in the left views and the right eye image in the right views won’t quite work.

When 3D TV was still on the “up” trajectory, and “glasses-less” sets were on the horizon, many companies were working on stereoscopic-to-multiview conversion technology so stereoscopic content could be viewed on these TVs. It interpolates and extrapolates additional views. If you could get your hands on such technology, you could take your 2 view content and make more views, so that it could be enjoyed on LG.

It is possible to interpolate the intermediate views. I worked on a college project along these lines years ago, but it didn’t end up going anywhere. I see a number of other academic resources related to “real-time multi-view interpolation” but that seems to be about it. Might be a cool project for someone to work out in their spare time! :slight_smile:

There are certainly ways to do the interpolation, and we’re actively pursuing them! I can’t say too much more for the time being, but we’ll hopefully be releasing some kind of tool for this in the coming months. Until then, there are these other work arounds like @dez and @Dithermaster are suggesting.

Hi, we would like to share with you an approximated method for “Morphing a Stereogram into Hologram”. The reconstruction algorithm can provide a good visualization of the virtual 3D imagery behind stereograms upon display on a headset-free Looking Glass 3D monitor -see:

We’ve been working on many of these problems internally, but there are already some pretty amazing solutions that have been released. You should check out Stereo Photo Maker and Triaxes.

Thanks for linking the paper @EnCan!