Sea Lions - Climate Change Visualizer


This project was created by Olivia Chow and I. We are two computer science undergraduate students from Columbia University, and are excited to participate in our second Holo-Hackathon! We wanted to fully utilize the 3D viewing and interactive capabilities of the HoloPlayer One to help visualize the effects of climate change. We’ve heard a lot about how rising sea levels would impact lower Manhattan, and were intrigued with how this device could enhance an understanding of this issue. The theme of “maps” made us think about representing volumetric data such as water levels overlaid on a city map.

Move your finger into the detectable space, and control sea level by moving your finger up and down.
The corresponding temperature change will be displayed above the city.

Future work:
We would like to add a timescale to more accurately show how sea levels rise over a period. Additionally, we would like to further clarify the relationship between temperature and water levels since as temperature raises ever higher, the relationship becomes exponential rather than linear.

Special shout out to Maxwell, Dez, Oliver, Nick, and Nikki for their encouragement and help!

For those interested, this link shows a report concerning the potential effects of climate change on the NY-NJ area.