Screenshotting the Open Window

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to better understand how the HoloPlay code takes images (hp_copyViewToQuilt) and turns them into a lightfield (hp_drawLightfield) since I’m still having issues with getting a pre-formed quilt to display. To this end, I’m using uniquely colored squares to see where Looking Glass will place the individual pixels.

However, I can’t seem to grab the resulting image of diagonal lines–whenever I use the Snipping Tool, the window vanishes! I can see there is some sort of slope/pitch idea happening, which I’ve confirmed by reading the .js code, but I’d like to be able to look at this more closely.

If any has any insight to my issues, please let me know! Any additional resources or tutorials for better understanding what’s happening code-wise would also be appreciated since this is all still pretty new to me.

I just took screenshots using PrtScn key (Windows) and Command+Shift+3 (macOS).

The things that can make the rendering not work: Looking Glass display results not set to exactly match the native resolution (e.g., 2560x1600 for small one), and driver not able to get calibration via USB connection.