Run on 1920x1080?


I just got my Holo Player One, and I see that it requires a resolution of 2560x1600. I have a 1920x1080 monitor and I can’t seem to get it working. The examples show a 2D image.


Hi! Fear not, we’ll get you up and running! Let me know the following:

  1. Are you using a Mac or PC?
  2. What are your computer specs?

If you’re using a PC running Windows, you can go into your Display settings and you should be able to switch between mirroring your screen or extending your screen to the Holoplayer. Sometimes with slightly older computers, you may need to unplug and replug in the HDMI cable to trigger the higher 2560px x 1600px resolution option to appear.

I’m also going to send you some more troubleshooting and setup tips by email now.



I am currently running on a windows device.
GPU: Nvidia 1060 6GB
CPU: i5-6402p
Ram: 8GB

I’ve tried using windows+p to project it onto the holo player. My monitor’s max resolution is 1920x1080. I have tried downsampling as that pushed my monitor to 2560x1560 but not 2560x1600.

My monitor is connected to my pc with a DVI-D cable unsure which link it is. I will check when I get home today.


Are you running in ‘duplicate screen’ mode or ‘extend desktop’ mode?

If you run it as extending the desktop, the resolution of your main monitor shouldn’t affect the Holoplayer resolution and visa versa.
(the holoplayer simply acts as another monitor to your PC. Hence they can have independent resolutions)

Also make sure you don’t down-sample in the Unity game view or in Windows, as this will definitely mess up what shows up in the Holoplayer.


Chatted with @kyle and it sounds like this is fixed! @dennisyi please let me know if you’re up and running!


Yep he fixed it! Thanks everyone for the help!