(RESOLVED!) No Image When Booting Up


Anyone have no image show up when they first connect?

I unplugged everything and plugged it all in again, but the HoloPlayer isn’t displaying an image.

The laptop screen shows the image, and if I can see it reacting to my hand from the laptop screen, but I’ve got a blank holoplayer.

Is there a recommended order to plug things in? Or any trouble shooting tips? Thanks.


Hi Mike! (wrote this to you by email as well, but this seems like a critical troubleshooting tip for all holoplayer beta owners):

That’s likely due to the main USB power line trying to draw power from a USB port in your computer, rather than from a separate 2A/5VDC wall adapter. The screen plus the internal speakers of the holoplayer are right on the edge of what a USB3.0 computer port can supply as power, so best to use the (usually included :confused: ) power adapter.

Specifically, try to plug the microUSB cable (shown in the below image as “Power Cable”, right next to the HDMI port) into a wall power adapter and then restart the computer connected to the holoplayer with all of the cables plugged in. The screen should flare on after bootup. Please post here or write me if not and we’ll try to figure out what’s going on!


Rebooting with everything plugged in worked! Thanks!


Great! We still haven’t figured out the source of this bug (so far appears to only happen on a particular Asus PC), but glad a reboot got the system up and running! If anyone else with beta holoplayers spots this issue on a different Mac or PC, please post here.


Yup, we’re on an ASUS laptop. :slight_smile: