[RESOLVED] Dust on the lenticular lens

Hi folks. I found dust near the lenticular lens layer and would like to remove it. I heard disassembly is quite difficult, but do you have any good solution?

Hi @kahiroka, that’s no good! I’m sorry you’ve had this issue. Disassembly is indeed quite tricky, but we can likely send you a new system because of this issue. I’m going to check in with the rest of the support team here but I’ll get back to you with a definitive answer shortly!

Hi @kahiroka, I spoke with my team and it seems you’ll need a new unit. To get that process started, can you please email me your order details and email address used to purchase the system? alex.duncan@lookingglassfactory.com

Hi @alxdncn. As you already know I have received a good unit and returned the old one. Thank you for your support!

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