[RESOLVED] Are LED side lights really helpful?

I turned off the LED side lights, and in the dark, I think the models look so much better (especially on my Large Looking Glass). I see notes that the LED side lights are recommended to be left ON in order to add to the 3D illusion, but I did not find that to be the case - actually LED lights seem to ruin some of the illusion – especially when the model extends to the edges and the lights shine right through the models to the white line outline. Thoughts?

I agree… when using the LEDs the white boundary rectangle on the front is reflected into the scene and actually interferes but keeping it off keeps it clean/sharp looking.

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I always leave mine off. The docs said they help when you takes photos or video. Maybe it’s true, but I haven’t tried.

I see now that the note focuses on video, but in general, I focused on the “add several depth cues to your content” which I do not see in real life:

Lighting note: there is a small switch behind your Looking Glass that will turn on/off the LED side lights that illuminate the system. We recommend that you always have this LEDs on — especially when filming your Looking Glass — as they will help add several depth cues to your content.”

It is true they add depth cues by illuminating the etched rectangle on the plexi (plus you get its reflection, forming a 3D “box” for content to live inside). But with good content I think you can leave them off.

Ah, I see what your saying :slight_smile: Especially if the content is well within the rectangle, then the shadows with the base defined by the lighted rectangle are cool depth cues. But the added contrast/opacity with no light is of greater value for most of the content I am looking at.

I agree. That’s why I usually don’t use mine.