Rendering Images and Videos with Cinema4D


Hi there,
I work with Cinema4D and would love to render videos and images for the looking glass. Is there somewhere a precise description how cameras need to be positioned and how the image needs to be set up?

It would be not a big problem to create a quilt but what would be the next step? how to generate the final image for the looking glass?


Same issue here on Blender :slight_smile:


Hello Wes! We’re not working on a port for Cinema4D internally, but we are working on getting proper documentation as to how you would approach this problem in any platform. That documentation should be coming in early January, we’d be happy to send it to you then! This would allow you to export image sets that can be viewed on a couple tools we’ll also be releasing in the near future - a video viewer and a photo viewer.

In addition to this, we’ll be releasing a closed beta of an OpenGL pipeline, along with documentation, that would allow you to create a live viewport if that’s of interest to you!


More information would help to prepare a plugIn or a setup for C4D. I noticed that it is possible to take a screenshot from the looking glass and it will work directly as a hologram. Same goes for capturing videos. The trick would be to directly render images and video for this final format (not sure if there will be issues with compression artifacts).

I guess I just wait until you are ready to share some more infos :smiley: