Realsense Camera Won't Work on Builds (Windows Only)


Hello all,

I’m having a strange issue on Windows machines when building scenes. For some reason the Realsense camera is not turning on, and the cursor is left hanging in the default position. This has been tested on more than one app, so it’s not just a single scene’s issue.

Why it’s weird:
-All Drivers are installed correctly and visible

  • The same scenes built work fine on Mac
  • The Realsense camera works fine for other built windows apps (LKG Tests)
  • The Realsense camera works fine in the Unity Editor (even on Windows)

Has anyone experienced this? I suppose it could be because these scenes were originally built on Mac, but I’m not sure why it would work fine in the editor at that point. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hey There!

Sorry to hear that there’s some issues going on.

The first culprit that usually springs to mind is: what is the architecture you are building the builds at?

For RealSense often to work properly, it just be built at ‘x64’ settings. As such in image-

Which might explain the Mac changes and the existing app builds as they work.

Let us know if that’s the issue! Feel free to contact anytime,


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Thanks for the speedy reply Ben!

This seems to have solved it :slight_smile:


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Sweet! Glad to be of help.

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