Quilt Viewer Issues


The Quilt Viewer is giving me some unexpected results.

  1. The viewer will only show content correctly if I have a total of 2 monitors ( main + LG). If I use a 3 monitor setup no amount of rearranging the monitor order targets the viewer correctly. As soon as I remove 1 monitor, things target correctly. I’ll add that I have no 3 monitor issues in the app library or Unity.

  2. I’m rendering 45 offline views as 5x9 tiles with an individual tile res of 819x455 for a total res of 4096x4096. I’ve tried a bunch of variations on this without success. Check the video for an example. I feel like I’m missing something.

Any thoughts?

Check out the video


Hi Cedar!

You can definitely use multiple monitors with Quilt Viewer. For example, I have the following setup, where 2 is a standard Looking Glass and 1 and 3 are both regular monitors:



I have extended displays on all of them, and it works well. If it doesn’t work for you, try mirroring 1 and 3 (regular ones) and then extend them again.

For your second question, it seems like the views are not in the right order, also not properly focused. May I ask how did you generate this quilt? The object seems to be moving too faraway between each view instead of “overlapping” onto a single object and that might be causing the problem.


Strange… Mirroring the main displays targets the LG correctly. Returning to extended display also returns to the previous issue. As I mentioned, library apps and Unity itself work fine extended. In any case, I can get it to work. I minor annoyance:)

Second question. I’m trying to understand how best to layout the quilt. These renders are from an array of parallel cameras out of C4D\Octane then laid out in AE. I organized the quilt reading style, left to right. Is that incorrect? Are you saying the steps between cameras positions are overly large? Do you have any guidance on proper “focus”? A link perhaps?



I’m 100% sure multiple monitors work so maybe try unplugging your monitors and/or Looking Glass. It doesn’t seem to be a Quilt Viewer problem to me.

For your quilt, as you can see in the image you’ve uploaded, the car is shifted too much especially on the bottom 2 rows. Focused just means the views are evenly spreaded horizontally.

If you have a photo set, you might want to check out the Lightfield Photo App, which can stitch photosets together into a quilt and adjust the cropping and focus.


Great, I’ll give the photo app a try.



I continue to have issues with monitor targeting. Checkout the video.

  1. I’ve disconnected my second viewing monitor. Now have main plus LG.
  2. Start up the app library. This targets correctly.
  3. Start the Quilt Viewer. This targets incorrectly.
  4. Start Lightfield Photo. This targets incorrectly.
  5. Switch the Unity startup panels viewer assignments. This targets incorrectly.
  6. Switch display settings monitor order. This targets incorrectly.
  7. Any app from the app library targets correctly. Quilt Viewer and Lightfield Photo target incorrectly.

Lightfield Photo was very illuminating. I see now the focus issue I did not take into account.
Is it possible to save out a quilt image to disc from a photoset?



From my experience, the quilt layout is far-right in the top-right corner, to far-left in the lower left corner. Like this:

04 03 02 01
08 07 06 05
12 11 10 09
16 15 14 13
20 19 18 17
24 23 22 21
28 27 26 25
32 31 30 29

Notice 01 is in the top-right and represents the right-most perspective, and 32 is in the lower-left and represents the left-most perspective. This is a 4 col, 8 row layout, but the order would be similar for a 5 col, 9 row layout.

As for camera arrangement, they should be spaced horizontally equidistant from each other, pointing the same direction. Field of view should be 13.5 degrees. Finally, and this is critical, the view frustum of each camera must be shifted such that the focal point is in the center of the image. The images definitely should not be getting cropped like yours.

I don’t use C4D, but with Blender I shift the view frustum horizontally with a driver like this:


That assumes the focal point is at (0,0), and the fov is set to whatever your field of view is (be wary of degrees vs radians). It automatically shifts the view frustum so the focal point is directly in the center of the image.

Here’s a picture of my camera setup… the cameras are all pointing in the same direction, but you can see that their view frustums are shifted to look at the focal point (0,0).


I have the same issue with all Unity + Looking Glass app. I have a 4 monitor setup (3 + LKG). My workaround is to disable #2 and #4 but it’s a pain.

When I use Unity I explicilty tell the renderer view is on #3 monitor and so I don’t have to disable the others


Thanks Bob, That is extremely helpful.

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