Quilt Player


is there a quilt player available or how is it possible to play quilt as .mp4 out of Unity?

Is there a sample scene how to integrate animated quilts in Unity using the SDK?

And furter more, is there a setup how Cameras must be alignet to render out quilt sequences from a 3D Programm?

Thanks for any Input


Hi, we have a Quilt Viewer in closed beta that plays quilts and quilt videos, which you can sign up here.

We don’t have an example scene for doing that, but basically what you need to do is take the texture of quilt video, and apply it onto overrideQuilt. You can see more information on our documentation site here.

For your third question, if you mean how to save our a quilt from a Unity scene, you can use the built-in 3D screenshot function by pressing F10 in Unity editor or builds.


thank you for your reply.
I signed up for the closed beta yesterday but didn‘t got any download links.

for my third question: I mean a camera rig for programs like maya or Light ave 3d.
I would like to render out my own quilts. :slight_smile:

by the way, the looking glass ist very cool!!! live it!

Best Regards


Hey Tom,

We just sent out an email, please check your inbox!

So for setting up your own cameras, I’m not familiar with Maya or Light ave, but basically you can just set up multiple cameras in an array (no need to set them up in curves). Maybe this article helps?

See here for more info about how to assemble images into a quilt correctly.


Hi Kelly,
thanks a lot, I received the quilt player now.
I will check out how much I can learn from your links.

Best Regards


If anyone creates a working Lightwave 3d scene for camera placement please post thank you!!


I added a Lightwave 3D scene for the Looking Glass.
It does cover the 40° Angle with the 45 Cameras
The only thing I don’t know is how to render multiple cameras.

And note, if you build the quilt image 5x9 fields, the output images from Lightwave have to be stretched to from 16:10 to 9:5, otherwise the glass will show i.e. a cube distorted in height.

only available for 5 days.

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