Poor resolution / No Looking glass Found



After setting up our Looking Glass I am able to view the looking glass as a second display at the correct resolution, however the image is really poor, especially noticeable when starting the Library App, the text isn’t even readable. I also get the error No looking glass found in the app.

After reading through the troubleshooting, it seems a likely culprit is I am not using the cable that came with it, as tracking it down will likely be extremely difficult or impossible. I did try rebooting my computer with the glass plugged in using my other cable, as well as changing which usb port I was using for no change.

If the cable is the most likely issue, is there a way we can purchase just the cable?


Hi Jyo!

I’m sorry to hear. We’d be more than happy to send you a set of replacement cables. Can you email support@lookingglassfactory.com with your address and mention that you are looking for Nikki re: this forum post and I’ll make sure we send over a new set of cables to you to test this out asap — no extra cost to you.

There is a very, extremely rare instance where this is a problem within the Looking Glass hardware itself in which case we’d send you over a replacement unit right away but the only way to know for sure is for you to first test out the new cables that are coming your way first.

I really hope you get your Looking Glass up and running soon!!!