Pixel Layout


Is there any documentation about how the 2560x1600 pixels are laid out in the device? I’m just wondering how I would go about arranging my own full screen of pixels to show properly in the volumetric display. I was looking at the shader in the ThreeJS library, which I suppose I could deduce it from, but I’m wondering if there is a more generalized primary source.



Hi Tony! We’re actually going to be releasing an OpenGL pipeline with documentation next week as a closed beta. Would you be interested in receiving that? Shoot me an email at alex.duncan@lookingglassfactory.com if that’s the case!


I figured out a few things about the optics, and wrote a stand-alone (non-SDK) program which displayed a 3D image, which I posted about here: Vimeo capture and testing before submitting?

There are also some user (@lonetech) reverse-engineered ideas and shader source here: https://github.com/lonetech/LookingGlass

Using a lenticular lens, the RGB subpixels across approximately 7 pixels create a handfuls of views, and then each row is shifted slightly to use different subpixel colors and also increase the views. It’s super clever, and then the acrylic block changes the field of view to be wider. Beyond clever! Each display is slightly different and the factory calibration data is in EEPROM and can be read via USB commands.

You’ll be best off using a blessed SDK like the one @alxdncn is talking about.