Output via DisplayPort?


Has anyone managed to get the Looking Glass to output via displayport on a mac?

I usually use a simple, cheap (Startech I think) DisplayPort->HDMI convertor (works for most displays), but this doesn’t seem to work with the Looking Glass. Maybe it’s a HDCP/DRM or Hdmi-version issue (say, the device can’t cope with such a high resolution)

For an event I powered my display & app on a Macbook pro, but I need a bit more GPU power, and obviously apple have decided HDMI is a bit of a legacy (which it is really, but having one on the laptop is still very useful :slight_smile:

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Could you please make sure the DisplayPort adapter you are using is specifically designated as an “active” adapter? Passive HDMI-DisplayPort adapters usually can’t support resolutions over 1080p, such as the Looking Glass. The adapter that we use is this one; if you don’t want to add another dongle to your collection, here’s a cable with the necessary active circuits.
This is the issue that stumps most people trying to run a Looking Glass via DisplayPort - if you’re already using an active adapter and still see this issue, please let us know; otherwise, hope this helps!

Evan from Looking Glass


Aha! Completely forgot about Active vs Passive HDMI. Should have remembered that when I was questioning HDMI versions.
I’m 99% sure it’s not an active one;

(And I don’t currently use it for anything above 1080p)

So I’ll get myself an active adaptor and try that, thanks :slight_smile:

Have you tried using lightning or usb-c outputs yet? (I had great success a few years ago running Oculus DK1&DK2 with an iphone)
An iPad + Looking glass would make a nice deployment setup. (Running-out-of-battery issues aside)
When I was looking into it recently, it seems resolution would be a problem, but the new(3rd gen) ipad pro seems to be a lot more flexible WRT external displays.


Yep, a number of us use them with a USB-C dongle and the 2016+ Macbook Pro; I believe Lightning tops out at 1080p.

We haven’t had time to test an iPad Pro yet! But it looks like it can push the pixels it has to push and I’m sure someone somewhere will plug one into the other in the next few days.

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I’m using a MacBook Pro with eGPU and can confirm that DisplayPort to the LG will work fine with the active adapter. (The AMD RX 580 in the eGPU only has one HDMI out, and that’s going to my monitor.)

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Minor update;
this adaptor (by ICZI)

Didn’t work (on imac 2011, not MBP Retina ~2012 which I’m currently using via HDMI)

Display is detected, but black image.

Going to try some more…


Gah, sorry! I know the feeling of buying adapters until you find the right one – maybe take a quick look at the iMac specs to make sure its GPU is even capable of output at the LKG native resolution (2560x1600). Mactracker is a great resource for all Apple spec minutiae.


No need to apologise, same with any adaptor, gotta try lots until one works!

The macbook doesn’t work with this adaptor either (and drives it fine via HDMI)
The imac’s GPU is more powerful than the macbook, so I don’t think that’s it. (And it happily powers 2 27" cinema displays as well as it’s own)

Just need to get the right adaptor, trying another one later :slight_smile: