Optimal Z position question

Hey! I am using my Looking Glass on Unity, and I am wondering if it is possible to adjust the optimal Z position?

There is a sweet spot about in the center of the glass where an object appears perfectly sharp, with artifacts appearing as you move it closer or further away. I am wondering if the position of this sweet spot is determined by the hardware, or could it be adjusted by altering the shader?

I would love to have a value exposed in the SDK to adjust this, if it were possible!

Unfortunately this is a hardware issue and can’t be solved via software. The scene will always be sharpest where the screen is (which is also the zero-parallax plane), which is behind the block. The block will pull the light forward slightly, but this is not dynamic in any way.

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Ok, thanks! Good to know!

My Two cents, this is ‘by nose’ after various tests/experiments.

It would appear “everything looks best” if your whole world in Z is contained
between -1, 1 and centered on ‘0’.

The way I found out a ‘sweet spot’ for my stuff is by starting with that and dynamically moving the Z via a controller until I found “a position that looks better”, let’s say “away from 0”, no matter what there always is some level of degradation.