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Please post all feature requests for the OpenGL closed beta here!


silly question, could we have some VERY SIMPLE ( i.e. maybe just displaying one single cube ) complete OpenGL PC/Visual Studio program/project to see “how is done and how to use the lib from start to end” ?

I just started to look into this thing, I have years of experience of DirectX on PC but so far worked with OpenGL/ES mostly on iOS/mobile ( Androrid / Samsung Gear VR ) I never touched it so far on PC ( Windows ).

Would be nice to see “a very small complete worked out example” just to have a starting point, would that be possible to have it ?

Cheers ! :slight_smile:


This is a totally reasonable request and we will definitely add this to the roadmap! I’m actually hoping to include 2 examples in the future: one for if you already have a traditional opengl pipeline set up and you just need to modify your camera to take multiple renders and pass those views to the HoloPlay API, and another for if you are building a pipeline from scratch and want to take advantage of instanced rendering to get an extremely optimized multi-view rendering pipeline.


@GilesGoat - if you love DirectX you could just borrow ideas from the OpenGL SDK and address the LookingGlass directly. The magic all lies in the pixel shader that computes the RGB subpixel view angles and then does a lookup in the texture quilt. The additional trick is you’ll need the display-specific calibration values to use as parameters to the pixel shader.


mah I took recently “an historic decision” to try to get more birds with the same stone, I am re-doiung the ( what I call it so ) ‘graphic driver part’ of our engine in OpenGL, the idea is to be able to then move it ( quickly ? ) into OpenGLES for some other plattforms ( Switch ? Gear ? )

Don’t take me wrong I love DirectX but there’s also the thing “limited to MS only” and the fact that I am still into DX10/11 and “by the look of it” I should ( soon ?) try to move into DX12 as well because “10/11 is already a bit old” :expressionless:

I am also doing quite a “revision” of some bits of code ( modifications ) so far my engine can output standard 2d ( or “3D” let’s say ), 3dtv, Rift, Psvr … but the implementation was a bit ‘started quickly for one thing, expanded for others’.

“Now it’s the time to sort out things” I plan to add “one extra mini layer” or “driver” where it should allow me to ‘render into whatever from standard display to Looking Glass’ as a ‘module’ I can ‘swap’.

I am still thinking/planning/doing at the moment like that guy said ( Dennis Greenidge ) " … it’s all … … in my … mind … " :smiley:

We’ll see where I get, I literally started Friday with ‘this big idea/restart’ it’s going to take me at least a week to get to a point I can start ‘messing’ with OpenGL.

It’s ok, I haven’t received the Looking Glass yet, it should come sometime in February I heard.

But yeah, we’ll see, getting out 60FPS or so should be a real challenge :wink:

[edit] - “Shameless promotion” ( well not really :slight_smile: ) if you have 30 mins or so to spend looking at me blabbing this was a ‘small presentation’ of the concepts of our “engine” :slight_smile:

Fundamentally I am re-doing the ‘NeonDevice’ part but I am planning to “crack into pieces” that “stereorenderer” and have instead something I think I could call the “displayrenderer” that is a “kinda more generic class” where the “stereo” or “looking glass” or “2d only” could be “a subclass”.

Something along those lines as I said for the momen “still all in mind”.

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“I am here getting stupid with your OpenGL sample” ( I don’t even dare to call it ‘code sample’ ) mostly trying to guess “what supposedly one should do”.

Requests :

  1. would it be possible instead of having all functions void() be int() and return a meaningful error code if anything goes wrong ?

  2. would it be possible if not 1 at least have an int hp_getLastError() function that tells you whatever went wrong - if any - when you call those functions ?

  3. would it be possible to have A BIT MORE DOCUMENTATION about ‘how to’ and a complete worked example ?

Please please don’t make this ( Looking Glass ) be another of those devices “developer UNfriendly” it may sound strange to you but trust me the world is NOT made only by Unity and UE … there ARE people writing their own code/engines still …

Thanks in advance, still trying to work out ‘what am I doing so wrong that nothing seems to work’.

And I don’t have much ‘debug help’ to go with … especially when stuff is all in “prototype stage” there should be “tons of debug info available”.


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Hi Giles, we’re working on getting a sample scene ready for you guys next week! That was certainly an oversight on our part but we’re addressing it ASAP.

As for the other requests, @kyle could you take a look at those?


Hi all! We’re moving! Instead of having bugs and feature requests be posted on the forum, we’re going to migrate to this GitHub repo . This will make tracking and closing issues much easier for us! Thank you for posting bugs and issues here, I’ll migrate all the content over now.

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