OpenGL beta release working fine


I’ve looked at the opengl code for 1 day now, and can now report that the software is working properly.

I got the following setup to work properly:

  1. 5*9 fbo’s with size 815x455, window setup to 2560x1600 (hires mode)
  2. rendering using glViewport to the fbo’s with only translating x-direction
  3. GL_BLEND disabled on calls to hp_copyViewToQuilt(i) and hp_drawLightfield()
  4. it actually requires HP_LOAD_LIBRARY or else there will be compability problems with vc++'s and mingw’s dll linking.

The following stuff didn’t work:
a) MakeCurrent and separate opengl context for the window
b) clearing the screen required the GL_BLEND disable-solution above
c) hp_customquiltsettings is not working, it’s always in hires mode
d) HP_LOAD_LIBRARY is breaking hp_quiltTexture. Need to use hp_copyViewToQuilt(i) instead.

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Glad you got it working! Thanks for the feedback, I’ll look over this and incorporate the fixes into the next update.


oh, forgot to add demos:

  1. 2d version worked first
  2. 3d version took 45 fbos:

But anyway, that’s a proof that it works…

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cool, you might get away with 1 fbo if you call copyViewToQuilt() after you’re done rendering and then reuse the fbo… but that might be stupid or counter-productive for some reason i’m not seeing, so let me know!


we’re doing the code in this way:
that has all the pieces needed to get looking glass working. Sadly it’s filled with our engine details, so it might not be too useful to other people. But basically we had fbo code already ready before looking glass, so we reused it, and that code was the result. Just needed to use it many times. Now we’re ready to put more content to it… anyway, it’s surpricingly small amount of code what is required to get looking glass working in existing engine.