Oliver's Holo-Blob Gif Corner! (occasionally featuring non-blobs)

Hello blob enthusiasts!

Here’s where I’ll be posting a stream of gifs of the assorted experimental projects I work on here at Looking Glass. There’s also quite a backlog of mini-projects for our displays that I’m excited to port to our coolest tech yet- the forthcoming HoloPlayer One!

Here’s a few to get started, I’ll try to post one a day!


Sculpting blobs!

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Emotional moment here in the lab with Oliver’s new lightfield sculpting app. Recreating of the pottery scene from Ghost:

The original:

Alex and Hannah’s remake:

Full video here: https://vimeo.com/221959378

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Kit and I both vote that the soundtrack should be embedded into the program.

No music. No sculpting.

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There are MORE blobs I haven’t seen??