Old Masters in 3D for the Looking Glass

Old Masters in 3D is a collection of manually created 3d conversions of old paintings originally made by master artists such as Krimmel, Koekkoek, Avercamp and Tadema running on the Looking Glass.

Button Square: switch between auto-play and manual play.
Button Left: go to previous painting.
Button Right: go to next painting
Circle: not used right now (will in a future iteration switch between audio narration on/off.
Esc on keyboard: quit.

The idea for the final product will be to have a full set of about 25 paintings converted into 3d with each of them having audio narration which can be turned on/off.

For more information about the 3d conversions, have a look at: www.throughview.eu


Download page on Itch.io


Tried this yesterday, it’s super cool! I love the Koekkoek in particular.

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