Objects in foreground are blurry

The picture seems fine as long as nothing is near the foreground. In the foreground the objects get blurry.

This is an issue with different software I’ve tried (demo link I found in another post, as well as pymol and library)

I’ve installed everything fresh but I don’t see any “knobs” to try and play with. My screen resolution is 1440p and is extended (in windows).

Eddie, i’m using the 6.9" LKG2K, & i assume you are as well. The resolution of this display is a somewhat unusual 2560x1600 rather than 1440p. See if you’re able to select this resolution.
Mark @ LichenShare

Sorry, I misspoke. The resolution is

Hi @Eddie, the blurring is a limitation of the display which we solve in many different ways. You can see a full write-up on that on our documentation site here.

But I am using other’s scenes which work fine. I’m not trying to make developer level changes, I simply want it to display the default stuff correctly (library pics or the cubes).

The holoservice has not options I can see. Where in the guide does it talk about this?

Hi @Eddie, maybe I’m misunderstanding the problem. Are you saying that some of the apps appear clearer in the foreground than others?

No. All apps show the foreground as blurry. As you can see in the movie I posted, the far and mid field are fine, but the near field of view is always blurry no matter the software.

Hi @Eddie, what do you mean then when you say “I am using other’s scenes which work fine”?

There is a fundamental limitation on the optics of the display which makes content sharper near the middle and blurrier near the foreground and background. Is your concern that your display is blurrier than other displays you’ve seen? If that’s the case, we can assess if something has gone wrong there!

As in other people’s already tested images and software, I’m not trying something new.
Yes, my concern is in the foreground the images are very blurry, not slightly. Scrolling through the Library apps pictures, as they pop up on the lookingglass, I would expect all those to be sharp, but any of them that have content in the foreground gets very blurry, as you can see in the posted movie.

Is this supposed to be the case? Are the cubes in that video suppose to be that blurry? I can understand some blur, but that is so much that when I use pymol (the intended application) the lookingglass is almost useless since everything in the foreground is so blurry I can barely see past it and that ruins the 3d vision.

Hi Eddie,

judging from the video and my test of the same demo, this is simply what the Looking Glass can provide you so far. Everything that is visually close to the front glass of the device (or even beyond that) will be blurred. Everything behind it, is okay. It also took me some time to get used to it, because my expectations were a bit higher. But actually, I got used to it. It also is a question of viewing distance - at least half a meter looks good for me. Furthermore, I guess the demo you used contains a motion blur which doesn’t make it easier to evaluate the blurriness. This demo is quite nice:

You can zoom in and out by scrolling and even make the ship appear “in front” of the looking glass. It helped me to get a feeling for what it can display and where the limits are.

Furthermore, its also a question of quilt resolution. High resolution images are, for example:

If I put the ship facing me with the closest shields to the ship in the white box, the cockpit facing me is blurry.

If I leave the ship in the background it is crisp.

Is that how it is for you as well?

If I bring the cockpit closer to the foreground it gets very bad

The cherry’s picture has everything in front of the lid blurry. The knife is completely crisp.

Yep this is just how the display works, unfortunately! I will say though that PyMOL may not have the near and far clipping planes set to a default that is ideal. If you play with those, are you able to get a sufficiently crisp image? They have some documentation on it here.

If the range of imagery that is crisp isn’t sufficient, unfortunately there’s not much we can do to improve it in the short term. We’re always iterating on our tech stack and this is one of the main things we’re trying to improve, but I don’t have anything for you this moment!

Thank you very much for your help then!