Object overlap issue: possible SDK issue

Sorry if somebody already brought this up, I couldn’t find a thread on it. Here I have three photographs, one shows how the object in unity is in front of the other objects, the other two shows the LKG display, from a straight-on perspective. Even though my object is in front of everything, it shows up as being behind everything. Very strange. Hopefully we can resolve it. Thank you so much again for everything, you are by far the most considerate customer support unit I have come across.


After experimenting, I noticed that It doesn’t do this on the right side(from viewer perspective) of my looking glass (i.e. object acts the way it should, Visible in foreground) … Also, all my display resolutions and settings are right where they need to be, just an FYI…

Hi! What kind of object is it? Is it just a standard mesh, a UI element, or a sprite? And what shader is on it? Just Unity’s standard shader?

It is a standard unity shader imported from maya as an fbx… Only happens on the left side of the lkg when you look straight at it… It may have been just that one instance though, I haven’t noticed it happening since that day.
Thanks for the reply!

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I will update you if this occurs again, it was a strange situation… Hard to describe in words haha… Thank you for the response Alex! We will talk soon as I am having some button issues:)

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