Not detected on any device as a screen, Black Screen

Hi there!

So I have very little idea whats going on here. I have the standard looking glass and it was working just fine with my mac for a while. Realising I need to develop with windows I switched to a virtual machine (parallels). It was also working fine for a moment, but now the Looking Glass Display will not connect to ANY computer.

The usb cable is detected fine, it appears to be an issue with the HDMI port. Mac, windows, multiple laptops tried - the Looking glass just stays black and is not detected as a screen.

Is there any way to hard reset the Looking Glass? The issue seems beyond something I can fix with software or the right hdmi port - as I said, the same hdmi ports were working fine before.

Please help! :smiley:

Looks a lot like the issue I’m encountering on mine.


Are you able to plug the Looking Glass into an HDMI port connected directly to a GPU (i.e., not through a dongle or adapter) and test it there?

If so, we’ve seen a few reports of Looking Glass units that only fail via dongles, similar to @legionaire45’s unit. We’ve isolated the issue and identified a fix that works consistently, but it requires disassembly. Let me know - regardless, we can set up a replacement or repair.


Looking Glass

Hi there, yep that sounds about right.

I was using it through a dongle from USBA + HDMI, to USBC for the new macbook pro.

However, now when I connect it to any direct HDMI port I get the same issue - black screen, not detected. Have only tried an older macbook pro that has a dedicated HDMI port. Could it still be the same issue?

We will be getting a windows VR machine this week, I will also try plugging it into that and see if that works. If you think its the same issue we can initiate a return / exchange / repair.

Hey there, just checking in here to see if you had this solved already or if you need any further support on this. If so, let us know and we’ll look into it right away!

Hey Nikki, still cant resolve it.

I think I will need to send you the device back :frowning:

Getting in touch over email!