Need help developing a 3D Chess Set

I need help developing a 3D Chess Set. To start the the pieces can be classic pieces that you can move on the board. Eventually I would like to see the pieces animated.
Any suggestions are welcomed.

Hello smartguy,

If you’d like to do something for the HoloPlayer, I’ve got part of the functionality of what you might like to do in scene 8 (Grid) of the ‘Hack the Hologram’ kit!

It covers a script of basic grid movement. Where as you touch a piece and can let it go at a certain point. That is the basic functionality. It would be up to you to script in ‘what happens if piece A travels into piece B’ and so on. The kit is also helpful if you have a 2D project in mind, which if that is so, that is all the more endearing you found a holographic forum!

I discovered this too, for a kit of further breadth directly to board game style motion:

As for animating the chess pieces, there’s two options. Using basic scaling and rotating, you can get away with doing that in the embedded ‘Mecanim’ animation system in Unity. I can walk you through that if you’d like.

If you want ‘personality’ style animation, that would be something done in an external creative package such as Maya/Blender/3DS Max/etc. You can rig up with small style joints to simulate mouth motion, bending, and more. If I were doing that project, I might even opt for the ‘bending’ motion to give it more jazz.

Thanks for asking! How’d you find this forum?

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your input.
I got a HoloPlayer specifically for making this 3D chess set. I’ve discovered that I’m not much of a Unity game programmer. If you or somebody else could put this together, I could pay (a token) for your efforts.
I found this chess 3D set, I’m not sure how to sew this all together.

Thanks again for your response.


Not sure what your skill level in scripting is, but maybe this is enough to help:

There are several assets on the store that handle the logic/AI for you. I haven’t tried this system myself, but my guess is that it shouldn’t be too difficult to attach game pieces to it.