Need help designing a hologram for inside an escape room!


Hello all, I would like to introduce myself, what I’m working on building and asking if anyone would be willing to help out a family business owner?

My name is Chris and I’m the owner the first Mobile Escape Rooms in the USA escapeunit (you can figure out hyperlink, I’m not trying to shill). I discovered escape rooms in 2015 and had been looking for a business to start as I was burning out in my job. I jumped in and dumped my savings into building a mobile escape room in partnership with my wonderful wife.

We serve corporate clients for team building, we do prom events, city events and others. Because of our first mover position on Google we were contacted by a company to build and design a mobile escape room to be used at career fairs, college campuses and other events. We came to an agreement where we are building the mobile trailer and we have to bear 20% of the total cost, however we own the unit.

We want to make the experience outstanding as we’ll own this asset.

This is where I am hoping someone where help out. We have purchased a Holoplayer One and are using it as a “Holo-Recorder” of sorts. A Dr. or scientist leaves notes of his development of an advanced A.I. on the holoplayer. We are interesting in simply using the Launcher application on the installed SD card as a way for players to interact with the holoplayer. We would like some sort of model that is interesting and ties in with the A.I. story and then when players hold their finger in the model that it plays an audio file. There would be 5 total models that players swipe through and 5 audio files that will play with each model. We will provide the audio files - we ]need the model(s) created and the programming done so that the audio file is played and players can swipe to the next model and audio clip.

If anyone is willing to help or point me in a good direction I would very much appreciate it!


Hi Chris!
Nice to meet you! ^ _^
What do you want the models look like? Do you have reference?


Hi Dez, great to meet you! I appreciate you responding!

I actually haven’t narrowed down on a model that I’d like to use - I’m not super familiar with how difficult modeling is for this (in unity?) and the complexity of what I’d be asking. I could share what else we have in the room and then I’m open to suggestions for sure.

I was thinking probably something like a “brain” or “DNA” or something indicating that this scientist is creating an A.I. and is progressively making it more human-like. is an example that would work fine. Ideally I’d probably like the models a different color or different models for each of the 5 audio files so that players aren’t confused with the same model every time they swipe.

I’m open to other suggestions as well!


Hey Chris,

Just letting you know that we on the team have been thinking about how to handle requests like this (of how to help someone use HoloPlayer who doesn’t have dev experience themselves get what they want out of it).
For now, to keep your project moving I would suggest to visit the Unity 3D forums and post a request for models/code as a job here: My advice is to be as specific as you can.
Once you have found a Unity dev, you can have them post here for help and we will be happy to give them the source for the launcher. They should be able to drop the models in and just have it work for you, but just be aware that without a HoloPlayer themselves, it may be hard for them to know when they got things just right for you.


Thanks Dez! I found a modeler and he was wondering if FBX or OBJ is preferred when exporting to Unity. He models in Maya first then exports it and was wondering if there is a preference.

Once he has the models made and exported he would love to try to drop them into the launcher and make some programming changes to it to play audio files rather than launching the applications! I’ll have him post when he’s ready for that.

Thank you again!


Hi Dez, we have the model complete and would like to put it into the launcher. Is there a way to get the code - or have someone drop the model into the launcher?

my email is if you need to send/communicate that way.



Hi Chris! I will be in touch about it to help you ^ _ ^