My First Interactive Hologram. A tour of the solar system

Love the Looking Glass, been messing with it a bit and threw together a solar system tour. :slight_smile:

The Solar System: A Holographic Tour

Updated the app with two new features tonight. Splash screen with UI nav elements and an ‘Earth Orbit’ mode. I’m bending science for creative effect, apologies! :slight_smile:


This is wonderful! I especially liked seeing the Moon appear around Earth.

This is quite lovely and very informative. My only issue is that it might imply that the planets are really that close to each other and the sun while in fact they are very much not. Is there a better way to display the “main menu” state that would not imply that, but would still be useful?


Looks really cool! Do you plan on releasing the executable?

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Great point! Yes, I will be adding text in the ‘planet browser’ that you see here that communicates that the image ‘does not represent the actual distances between bodies’. :slight_smile: Hopefully that doesn’t accidentally misinform. Thanks for the feedback!

At some point yes! Lots more to add. :slight_smile:

Looks awesome - any pointers on text? Your app text seems pretty legible. I can’t seem to get anything that doesn’t look pixelated and sliced up

These videos are of the app in ‘preview mode’. I’m using Unity GUI features (Canvas, text, etc). HOWEVER, when I run the app in standalone mode, all my GUI draws on the primary display and NOT with the rest of the content on display 2. I’ve had to add text in the form of sprites recently, which is a bummer.

I have found that there is a ‘focal plane’ which sits sort of ‘half way’ into the box along the z-axis in which you want to put text (GUI, world-space)

Hi @BigFatGamer, when you say that the GUI draws on the primary display, is that not the behavior you’re looking for? This is something that comes up from time to time and is an issue with our naming convention in the SDK. The “HoloPlay UI Camera” prefab should ONLY be used if you want your 2D UI to display on your primary (2D) monitor. If this is not your intended implementation, use a conventional Unity canvas without a second camera!

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Absolutely! I finally realized that, yeah. Thanks!

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I just encountered this myself. Was able to resolve it by finding this thread, but +1 for improving this somehow. My first instinct when I encountered it was to look through all the display targeting stuff, which obviously didn’t help.

This has been removed from the upcoming release, so hopefully this won’t be an issue for people going forward!


Hey, I am trying to put text in my game, How did you make it so clear!? I know that it explains it in the post, but, are you okay with maybe sending a little guidance my way. Thank you! I am using the text mesh pro tool with a canvas in unity.

Hey Jake! Me again.

Jumping in here to offer some tips. @Albert from our team put together a very quick rundown of how the Looking Glass device works "under the hood"and I thought this part in particular might be useful to you!

It’s a quick example (the demo is downloadable from the documentation) of how parallax affects blurring in text — something useful to have under your belt when developing for the Looking Glass. Hope this helps!

Thank you for this nikki!! I got my text to look pretty good after some experimentation. So I am happy enough now.