My First Interactive Hologram. A tour of the solar system


Love the Looking Glass, been messing with it a bit and threw together a solar system tour. :slight_smile:

The Solar System: A Holographic Tour

Updated the app with two new features tonight. Splash screen with UI nav elements and an ‘Earth Orbit’ mode. I’m bending science for creative effect, apologies! :slight_smile:


This is wonderful! I especially liked seeing the Moon appear around Earth.


This is quite lovely and very informative. My only issue is that it might imply that the planets are really that close to each other and the sun while in fact they are very much not. Is there a better way to display the “main menu” state that would not imply that, but would still be useful?


Looks really cool! Do you plan on releasing the executable?


Great point! Yes, I will be adding text in the ‘planet browser’ that you see here that communicates that the image ‘does not represent the actual distances between bodies’. :slight_smile: Hopefully that doesn’t accidentally misinform. Thanks for the feedback!


At some point yes! Lots more to add. :slight_smile: