Morpholo .deb Library available for HoloPlayer / Linux Ubuntu

The ¨.deb¨ file for the new Linux-Ubuntu Morpholo Library for multi-view stereo vision, and streaming of live 3D video on the Looking Glass HoloPlayer, is now available for downloading from The Morpholo Library offers a fast conversion algorithm to transform stereoscopic images (from a given set of images or from a DIY stereo webcam) into reasonable holograms via the automatic implementation of a one-time configuration Lookup Table. Tests, comments, demos, etc are most welcome!

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Very cool! Good luck with this!

Uodate: In our tests, the 2 (stereo) webcams are not parallel. These are instead toed-in, i.e., these converge to a desidered given point far from the baseline. With this convergence we can get and control the 50 degree viewcone of the looking glass and the geometry quite reasonably. Any added/artificial vertical parallax get reduced by the slanted lenticular lens. More on this can be seen in our Morpholo manual available at:
Any added/artificial vertical parallax gets reduced by the slanted lenticular lens. Preliminary results with this toe-in set up for 3D live streaming video can be see at:

Work is in progress and we are glad to share it with LKG! Looking forward to see it one day in the LKG 8K big screen…