Model Viewer


Model Viewer

A 3D model reel that can have models added to it.


Rotate objects with one finger.
Swipe or use HoloPlay buttons to cycle through the objects.
Press R to stop or start automatic rotation.
Press spacebar to show or hide the object import UI window.

  • Using HoloPlay SDK 0.40
  • Verified on Elsie version of HoloPlayer One
  • Uses RealSense
  • Uses sound



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Cleaning out my phone and found this video of my kiddo Ben playing with an early version of Model Viewer in a little HoloPlayer prototype earlier this year:

ben hologram grab


I think this app should come with the holoplayer by default.

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We tossed that idea around for a while on the team, and while we didn’t end up doing it yet, it’s definitely a possibility. Thanks for letting me know that you’d like to have it on there!

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