Model Maker


Model Maker

A simple model maker using a true 3D cursor.


The UI is at the top of the screen.
Hover your cursor over any button and press either inner HoloPlayer button to select.
Hold down either outer HoloPlayer button to execute that functionality.
The UI buttons are, from left to right: create square, create pyramid, create circle, move object, rotate object, scale object.
In order to use the latter three functions, you need to have a created object selected. To do so, touch the object and press either inner HoloPlayer button. Doing this to a selected object will deselect it.
Selected objects are blue in color, deselected objects are gray.

  • Using HoloPlay SDK 0.392
  • Verified on Elsie version of HoloPlayer One
  • Uses RealSense
  • Uses sound