Mesh Slicing

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to use Unity3D combined with the Holoplay Capture SDK for Unity to display a scene with a custom mesh exported from Blender. I’m having an issue though, my mesh ends up getting “sliced” when previewing in the Game window.
I’m getting:

The mesh in the scene window looks like:

Any suggestions or help smoothing out my mesh would be greatly appreciated.

Hi LGNewbie!

I also import meshes from blender and get the same “sliced” result in the Game window. In the actual looking-glass, however, the image is not “sliced.” The story I told myself was that the looking-glass is displaying multiple perspectives at once: These are appearing sliced or interleaved in the game window because it is not equipped to synthesize different points of view at thye same time.

When I open demo scenes from the holoplay SKD, they also display that way in the game preview. My overall impression is that it is normal for them to look like that before being processed by the looking glass.


Thanks for responding so quickly mie! That’s a relief to hear, I’ll have to give it a test when I see my Looking Glass next tomorrow. Will be sure to let you know how it goes!

You were right! It worked fine on the Looking Glass, it was only wrong in the Game window.

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